Covenants Change 2024
Proposed Covenant Changes for 2024
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Town Hall Replay 1-23-2024

Section 10.1 Voting on the Amendments
Rental Restrictions Section 5.5

Section 4.8.2 Conservation & Trails Amendment
Radio Antennas Section 5.16
Section 3.9.6 Insurance Deductible Amendment
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Conservation Easements - Covenants Section 4.8.2
Rental Restrictions - Covenants Section 5.5
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December 4th Update

During the Board of Directors meeting on November 15th, significant discussions took place regarding revisions to the Legacy Declaration of Covenants. The Board plans to vote on December 13th to approve both the revised document prepared by the Association's attorney, and the proposal by the voting company for facilitating community voting and approval.

To keep everyone informed about the proposed changes and their benefits to the community, we have set up a dedicated page on You can visit this page

Additionally, we are in the process of preparing more detailed information and videos to further clarify these changes, we look forward to sharing these with you shortly.